Black Sheep Wall

It Begins Again

Artist: Black Sheep Wall

Catalog Number: SOM306

Release Date: July 19th, 2013

  1. Ancient Fvck
  2. Provider
  3. Angelic Exorcism

California's riffmongers BLACK SHEEP WALL return with a short follow-up EP to their triumphant debut "No Matter Where It Ends." On "It Begins Again" massive riffs, punishing vocals, and the artistic vision to give their music space to breath and develop organically, BLACK SHEEP WALL creates music akin to a lurking grizzly. Limited to 500 copies on 10" vinyl, "It Begins Again" is truly an essential record for anyone that worships at the altar of the riff. Recommended if You Like: ELECTRIC WIZARD, EYEHATEGOD, COALESCE, DOWN, CORRECTIONS HOUSE, BONGZILLA, COUGH

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