Tribute to Dead Can Dance The Lotus Eaters

Artist: Compilation

Catalog Number: SOM149

Release Date: March 19th, 2007

    Disc One

  1. ARCANA – In the wake of adversity
  2. PERSEPHONE – Spirit
  4. ATARAXIA – Bylar
  5. FAITH AND THE MUSE – Mesmerism
  6. TRAIL OF TEARS – The arcane
  7. HORTUS ANIMAE (Liv Kristine, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) – Windfall introducing The summoning of the muse
  8. AMBER ASYLUM – Cardinal sin
  9. GRIDO – Rakim
  10. ANATHEMA – How fortunate is the man with none
  11. IMPERIA (Helena Michaelsen, ex-TRAIL OF TEARS) – The lotus eaters
  12. EPHEMERAL SUN – Avatar
  13. SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA – The Wind that shakes the barley

    Disc Two

  1. BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL – Fortune presents gifts not according to the book
  2. JARBOE (ex SWANS) – American dreaming
  3. ANTIMATTER – Black sun
  4. THE GATHERING – In power we entrust the love advocated
  5. NIGHTFALL – The ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
  6. DARKWELL – Anywhere out of the world
  7. GREEN CARNATION – Cantara
  8. ULVER – In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are kings
  9. AKRABU – Desert song
  10. NOEKK (ex EMPYRIUM) – How fortunate is the man with none
  11. IMPERIAL BLACK (new band of ex CRADLE OF FILTH bassist) – Enigma of the absolute
  12. SECRETS OF THE MOON & NOSTALGIA – The protagonist
  13. MONUMENTUM – Windfall
  14. SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE – Summoning of the muse (Deconstructed)

A 2CD collection of DEAD CAN DANCE songs as interpreted by many of the gothic / metal genre's best, including many who are related in sound and texture to DEAD CAN DANCE. Bands that, like DEAD CAN DANCE, possess elements that are equally exotic, intoxicating, beautiful and frightening. Songs from DEAD CAN DANCE's eight albums appear within a sturdy tri-fold digipak. Included is a detailed, glossy 28-page booklet that contains lots of photos and discographies of the bands as well as band and recording particulars. The ethereal spirit of DEAD CAN DANCE resides on "The Lotus Eaters"! Featuring THE GATHERING, ULVER, JARBOE (ex-SWANS), ANATHEMA, FAITH & THE MUSE, BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL, ARCANA, LIV KRISTINE (ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY), AMBER ASYLUM, ATARAXIA, and more!

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