Blöod Düster

The Shape of Death to Come

Artist: Blöod Düster

Catalog Number: SOM136

Release Date: March 20th, 2006

  1. For Those About to Fuck
  2. Stocktakin
  3. Pornstorestiffie
  4. Drug Fiend
  5. 66.6 on Your Fm Dial
  6. Albert
  7. Lets Fuck
  8. Raping the Elderly
  9. Shes A Junkie
  10. Ornery Hornery
  11. Six Six Sixteen
  12. Idi
  13. Showered with Affection P2
  14. Vulgar Taste
  15. Midnight Nambla
  16. I Wanna Do it with A Donna
  17. Mortician
  18. I Love it When Joe Pesci Swear
  19. The Corpse Song
  20. Sellout
  21. Last Caress
  22. Vegan Feast
  23. We Are the Word Police
  24. Dahmer the Embalmer
  25. D.F.F.
  26. Nu Corporate

Here it is ! 15 years after its creation, Australia's most outrageous and shocking band finally release their first DVD ! Get ready for the best… and the worst ! The bad guys of BLÖOD DÜSTER strike again with their patented self depreciating sense of humour, and this time you can see it with your own eyes ! Creating and implementing both musical and social havoc for over a decade now with their very own mix of influences ranging from early grindcore bands like NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS to elements from 70's rock bands, BLÖOD DÜSTER are responsible for some of the most infamous album releases of all time. But BLÖOD DÜSTER's strength truly lies in their live show, because that's exactly what it is – a show. Unlike most bands passing themselves off as entertainment, BLÖOD DÜSTER deliver, with anything from underage girls voluntarily de-robing onstage, to fireworks extravaganzas full of old-school goodness. Witness the band's terrific, controversial, unpolitically correct and hysterically funny video clips, live performances and off-stage footage, but take care not to let the kids watch ! "An amazing clash of metal and merriment, blast beats and buffoonery, chaos, comedy and carnage, this rollicking musical romp is sure to please children of all ages." – Blunt Magazine

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