Mystic Places of Dawn

Artist: Septicflesh

Catalog Number: SOM274

Release Date: January 25th, 2013

Release Date US: January 22nd, 2013

  1. Mystic Places of Dawn
  2. Pale Beauty of the Past
  3. Return to Carthage
  4. Crescent Moon
  5. Chasing the Chimera
  6. The Underwater Garden
  7. Behind the Iron Mask
  8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord
  9. Mythos (Part 1: Elegy – Part 2: Time Unbounded)
  10. Erebus [bonus track]
  11. Another Reality [bonus track]
  12. Temple of the Lost Race [bonus track]
  13. Setting of the Two Suns [bonus track]

Since their reunion SEPTICFLESH have established themselves as a leading force of symphonic Dark Metal with their critically acclaimed masterpieces "Communion" (2008) and "The Great Mass" (2011). Yet the Greeks already won a dedicated and strong fan-base in their first incarnation as SEPTIC FLESH. Produced by former ROTTING CHRIST keyboardist and NEKROMANTIA founder Magus Wampyr Daoloth, their debut full-length "Mystic Places of Dawn" was released in 1994 and soon acquired cult status. All trademark elements of SEPTICFLESH are already present such as their singing guitar sound and even classical influences. With interest in SEPTICFLESH surging to new heights following the release of "The Great Mass", their cult beginnings with "Mystic Places of Dawn" and all songs of 1991's "Temple of the Lost Race" EP added as bonus tracks will now be available anew! A must have for all fans!

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