Sumerian Daemons

Artist: Septicflesh

Catalog Number: SOM183

Release Date: October 10th, 2008

  1. Behold... The Land of Promise
  2. Unbeliever
  3. Virtues of the Beast
  4. Faust
  5. When All Is None
  6. Red Code Cult
  7. Dark River
  8. Magic Loves Infinity
  9. Sumerian Daemon
  10. Mechanical Babylon
  11. Infernal Sun
  12. Empire of the Watchers
  13. Shapeshifter

When SEPTICFLESH released their comeback-album "Communion" in March 2009, the response was overwhelming. The Greeks returned in triumph, had to answer more than a hundred interviews toured through Europe in spring and will again with Cradle of Filth in December. This success has led to a dramatically increased demand for SEPTICFLESH's 5th and now out-of-print classic "Sumerian Daemons" originally released in 2003 on the meanwhile dissolved label Hammerheart Records. Now Season of Mist brings back this sought-after neo-classical masterpiece of extreme music, which fuses cinematic orchestral passages with melodic Dark Metal at the border of Black, Death and Gothic Metal.

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